No More Beating Around the Bush is The Beatless Queen first album released in 1958.


Fred Jackson (born Federico Carreón Patino) met Joe Lemon and Moe McChamley at West Dallas High School in 1955. At age 16, they formed the band The Beatless Queen and Her Three White Knights with drumer and friend Gene Worst. They would write their own songs and perform in bars for two years. In 1957, producer Ted Franks contracted the band and signed them to the Gramophone label. Gene Worst refused the offer and instead attended art college. Auditions were held to find someone to replace him and Bingo Stone was eventually chosen by the band.

After several recording sessions from november 1957 to january 1958, the band's debut album Don't Beat Around the Bush was released in march 1958. The band's name was shortened to The Beatless Queen in the process. After its commercial release, the album received mostly mixed to positive reviews from critics and was acclaimed by the public. In may 1958, Gramophone organized the Don't Beat Around the Bush US Tour to cash in on the album's success.

During the recording session for the album, the members of The Beatless Queen experimented with newly dicovered drugs that permitted them to aquire the gift of predicting future events; this explains how one of their hit songs "George Bush Did 9/11" came to be


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